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Church on the Plains

Est. 1878

Where Historic Beauty Presides

NOT since 1954 has the building located at 151 Main Street in Kingston been used as a church.  For twenty years, the deconsecrated First Universalist Church sat idle, empty, cold, and unused.  In 1974 it was donated to the Kingston Improvement and Historical Society.  The society has attempted to continually improve and restore this grand and majestic building, keeping it open and available for use.   Countless numbers of brides have walked the center aisle of this unique and beautiful architecture.  In addition, ecumenical services, concerts, funerals, and special events have all benefitted from the interior’s rare décor, stenciled windows and walls, ornate chandeliers, original pipe organ, and more.  The building is truly one of a kind. This building is a part of Kingston’s heritage. 

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