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About us

The Kingston Improvement and Historical Society (K.I.H.S.) a small handful of local  volunteers, “the Friends of the Church on the Plains”  is currently responsible for this Historic Building.  The Church, which was placed on the registry of historic places in 1979, was built in 1878 by renowned architect, C.W. Damon of Haverhill, MA.  The Levi S. Bartlett family (son of Josiah Bartlett, second signer of the Declaration of Independence) donated the land for the church.  To this day, the church is operational and a sight to behold.  The society , along with generous contributors,  has had to privately stabilize the edifice and preserve this small town treasure, but remains true to its cause.

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Friends of the Church on the Plains is to maintain and improve the church building as an historical landmark, and as a meeting place for cultural, historic, and ecumenical programs, in keeping with community guidelines and standards.

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